A blog reflecting on handwoven crafts

Inspiration, resources, and stories with a few giggles, about weaving. A creative lifestyle that is “hanging by a thread.” Helping beginners navigate weaving and fibre art.

Blog Posts

Weaver’s Studio

In the weaver’s studio, life is always “hanging by a thread.” Here you will find posts of the tangles and unraveling of a weaver’s journey. You are sure to find a lot of bad weaving puns.

Links & Resources

Here you can find numerous links and resources I have collected on weaving. I believe we learn best by approaching art and craft from many angles.

Pop-up Shop

My handwoven textiles are available online once a year. The next pop-up shop will be in the Autumn of 2023. Be sure to follow me on Facebook or Instagram if you want to learn more.



Bouctouche, New Brunswick