Stone Soup of Communications

It’s raining outside. But that, makes me happy. It’s been a warm and dry spring and visions of last year’s hazy summer still lingers in my mind.

There is another haze that is in my brain, it’s now day 6 of my website being down. The problem is that I have stirred a nest of bees. I did it. I poked the stick in. Why is it that the more I love technology (love my iPhone) the more I hate it (talking with any customer service department anywhere). In trying to simplify, I and they, have made it complicated. In trying to control, it becomes uncontrolable!

I am neck-deep in a spiral of fragmented bits of information. Have I asked too many questions?… or not enough? Or are there just too many possible realities? Am I in the wrong reality? Did I manifest this?  Too late, I am Alice and falling head first down a rabbit hole of emails and front-line middle people that add to the stone soup of communications.

Probably to many metaphors for your morning? Translation … I just want to talk to the person that pushes the button!

Happy Day to You All!


Published by Loretta Busch - Artist, Designer, Flower Gardener

Flower Gardening, Floral art, and Photography, Floral Collections, and a dream to build Cut-Flower Farm.

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