Flower Stories: Daily Bouquets

bouquet of flowers

My husband and I were on our usual weekend photo-shoot. On this particular summer’s day at the Filberg Lodge gardens, I remember becoming enchanted with their cut-flower garden and uttering for all to hear, “I want a cut-flower garden!” I have witnesses.

At home, I looked at my old garden and wondered if it could ever have such splendor. All I could see was the futile effort of the past. But that day, the seed of desire was planted.

Small steps. One raised bed at a time. That’s how my first cut-flower garden started.

This summer provided a weekly collection of fragrant visual treats. Garden Bouquets for the kitchen table, to photograph, to paint, and to inspire my designs. Flowers have always been a component of inspiration in my paintings, printmaking, and digital artwork.

In gardening flowers, I’ve learned many things. Take small steps. There are garden creatures that will challenge you and charm you. Queen Ann’s Lace makes an exquisite accent in a bouquet. Weeds are really wildflowers and they are free!

Published by Loretta Busch - Artist, Designer, Flower Gardener

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