Flower Stories: A Floral Obsession

The more you look the more you see.

Who knew that small scale Flower Farming was a thing? That Florists are designing floral jewelry with fresh flowers? That you can get a subscription for weekly flower bouquets, or that there are ‘cut-your-own farms’? Over the last 10-15 years, the industry has grown around locally sourced, organically (defined as chemical-free – they can’t call them organic) grown flowers. The Slow Flower Movement is here to stay.

And don’t get me started on the flower varieties that have emerged! Or I just never noticed before? There are tulips that look like peony? Yes, I have planted a trench full. And yes, trench planting is a thing.

bulb trench planting

My first trench planting of tulips.

My Flower Book Collection has grown to 7 (listed below) in the last few months. I have ordered seed catalogs again and am anxiously waiting for the January start of the 2021 Floret Workshop.

Floret 2021 workshop logo


Lots of work, and still learning.

I have no idea where this road takes me, but I know I will have plenty of vases full of elegantly arranged flowers to photograph, paint, and design into gifts that flower gardeners will love.

My Flower Gardening Book List:

Here are the books that will take me through this winter. You will find them perfect accompanied by a cup of tea or coffee on a Sunday morning.

  • A Year in Flowers & Cut Flower Garden – Floret Farm’s – by Erin Benzakein with Julie Chai
  • also waiting for Floret’s, Discovering Dahlia, book is coming in March 2021
  • On Flowers – by Amy Merrick (read it cover to cover!)
  • Cultivated – The Elements of Floral Style – by Christin Geall
  • The Flower Workshop – by Ariella Chezar with Julia Michaels
  • The Art of Wearable Flowers – by Susan McLeary
  • Cool Flowers – by Lisa Mason Ziegler (going to need this one on the east coast)


  • Slow Flowers – by Debra Prinzing

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