In the Studio – Current Weaving Project

Day 3, of 30 Days of Posts – Current Project

I’m making a wool scarf. Actually, 2 at the same time, thought I would try to save on the loom waste. These will be made of wool (Harrisville 8/2) the last scarves were linen & linen-silk. Wool is apparently easier to warp, but if I get distracted who knows what discoveries I make? 😅

Scrolling the photos you will see the warping board, and that I warp 😱 front to back! 🤓😏

I picked up the process in the beginner’s videos on @longthreadmedia by Tom Knisley. I love the method as it gives me creative freedom and speeds up the warping of multiple colours. Apparently, it’s the best approach when working with novelty threads.

The last photos show how I select colours. It’s a different mindset from painting a picture, yarn colours blend, but never make mud. That said there are more pleasing combinations. Experience as a painter does help when considering the values and the light & dark contrasts of the yarns. I will also take a simple black & white photo to confirm the interaction.

Do you warp front to back, or back to front? And should I even ask? 🫣🤐😅

#handwoven #weaverfever #handmadescarves #handweavers

Starting the scarves

Warping board

Sley the reed front to back
starting to sley the reed

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