My discipline or craft — It’s 😍Weaving. I’ve done almost all 2D mediums, and after 30+ years I have started to crave holding something in my hands! Handmade and embellished textiles can be so tantalizing. 😋

Perhaps it brings me closer to my ancestors. While I work there is always a conversation in my head with those loved ones I have lost A connection to my roots. I feel it in my hands, 🙄 besides arthritis.

In the ’60s my aunt and cousins were seamstresses doing piecework for early Italian clothing brands. Our family homes were always staged with threads and sewing needles, and an assortment of half-finished crochet or knitting projects. Decorating on the end tables next to the sofas.

My mom was a professional tailor. I grew up surrounded by all kinds of fabrics. Thinking back it seemed there was more surface variety in common fabrics back then. Today’s mass-market fabrics appear mostly void of any tactile texture in comparison.

I love the frayed, bumpy, wiggly effects of novelty threads and yarns. As a newbie weaver, I’m dreaming of wild creations fitting in somewhere between tea-towel-flat & chunky-wall-hanging. Maybe I’ll find that vision. Maybe I won’t. But it will be an adventure I will enjoy for the 2nd half, the 2nd act of my life.

Five strands
– braided fringe.
Lang yarn, Linen, & Linen-Silk Blend

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Artist – Loretta Busch

Hello from the
Acadian Coast of
New Brunswick, Canada

My 30+ year career as an artist is layered with many creative trails, including
graphic designer, painter, printmaker, potter, business owner & workshop facilitator.

In this blog, I share my weaving journey. I hope that my experience as a fearless creative can provide you with the foundation to confidently begin exploring the craft of weaving

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