Woven Pattern – If you want to be a weaver you have to love patterns! It’s the essence of the craft. Do you agree?

Mastering and manipulating weave pattern 👩🏼‍🏫structures are one of my goals.

Mind you at this stage of my experience I’m more like a two-year-old with a 🖍crayon. But I am not worried about embarrassing 🫢myself. I have always been a fearless creative. Like everything I’ve ever explored, and the list is long, I will research 📝, construct and deconstruct the 🧐😋 yin-yang out of it. And make lots of mistakes!! Oh, the messes I will make.

There are a lot of pattern resources ‘recipes’ weavers can follow and like all skills, it’s important to know the basics. I definitely find it very 🤓satisfying to see the completed results🧣even if it’s a simple plain weave. 🫣But I do like to do a little wabi-sabi. At least a little at the start of a project doesn’t hurt?😉

➿Are you an experimental weaver? ✔️Or prefer to stick to the tried and true?

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Artist – Loretta Busch

Hello from the
Acadian Coast of
New Brunswick, Canada

My 30+ year career as an artist is layered with many creative trails, including
graphic designer, painter, printmaker, potter, business owner & workshop facilitator.

In this blog, I share my weaving journey. I hope that my experience as a fearless creative can provide you with the foundation to confidently begin exploring the craft of weaving

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