Coloured Threads

Day 7 of 30 days of posts, Colour

I find I have to step back and really look when choosing the colours of yarn I will use in weaving. It’s more like pointillism in painting. Pure colours sitting side by side. Influencing each other. But it’s their value I have to be most aware of so I try to look at them in new ways.

A couple of my favourite tools are taking a picture of yarns and desaturating the image. And coloured films are included in the booklet ‘Ultimate ColorTool.’ If the majority of yarns you are using are cool then use the red film, if warm use the green film. It quickly helps me find the values regardless of what my brain thinks are lighter or darker hues.

Do you experiment with colours? Or have favourites that are tried and true?🧶🪡🧵

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