Day 8 – 30 days of posts, Inspiration/Influence.

My mother supported our little family with her skills as a seamstress and a tailor. 🧵🪡

She ran a little dress-making shop near our elementary school called La Moda. After school, we played in the back room while she fitted new dresses on clients, and made repairs to their garments.

The processes were quite magical. Taking fabric and making it into a dress? Invisible mending, by weaving around small holes in coats until they disappeared!

But the days were always long, working until late into the night, often she had to wake us in order to get us to the car for the drive home. All to begin again the next day.

For the longest time, I never thought I was anything like my mother. Her influence was without a doubt in that there was nothing she couldn’t do with a needle and thread. I saw her deconstruct and construct clothing like an engineer. Later when ‘time’ was less of a factor she even allowed herself experimental solutions.

Looking back I now admit I learned many things, but through her hard work, I learned that determination is a skill. 🤔

🫣Who has influenced you more than you would have previously acknowledged?

Italy 1966 – Saint Marco’s square

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