Drawing, keeping a sketchbook for random ideas, and planning projects. There is always pen and paper or you can use an App.

My favourite drawing app is Procreate. These were designs I thought might work for needle-punch. A craft that only had a fleeting moment last summer. I never hit my stride with it.

I love drawing digitally on my iPad with the Apple pencil, for the freedom to experiment and the multiple un-dos, and its ease to work anywhere!

I still have multiple physical sketchbooks 📚going too, if I want to be old school and get messy.

🤓 Do you have an established way of approaching your weaving ideas? Is it a daily practice? Do you research and gather references? 🤗Or are you more spontaneous with pen and paper?

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Artist – Loretta Busch

Hello from the
Acadian Coast of
New Brunswick, Canada

My 30+ year career as an artist is layered with many creative trails, including
graphic designer, painter, printmaker, potter, business owner & workshop facilitator.

In this blog, I share my weaving journey. I hope that my experience as a fearless creative can provide you with the foundation to confidently begin exploring the craft of weaving

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