How My Mother’s Tailoring Business Taught be About Resilience

As I reflect on my past, I realize that my mother was a significant source of inspiration and influence in my life. She single-handedly supported our small family with her skills as a seamstress and a tailor, running a quaint dress-making shop called La Moda, located conveniently a short walk from our elementary school.

I remember spending afternoons in the back room of the shop, playing with my brother, while my mother fitted new dresses on clients and skillfully repaired their garments. It seemed like magic to me, watching fabric transform into beautiful dresses or witnessing her perform invisible mending by weaving around small holes in coats until they disappeared.

However, those days were long and tiring for my mother. She often worked late into the night and had to wake us up for the drive home. All to be repeated the next day with unwavering determination.

At that time, I didn’t see myself as similar to my mother. Her talents with a needle and thread seemed beyond my reach, and I didn’t fully appreciate her hard work. But looking back now, I realize that I learned so much from her. Her resolve and tenacity in the face of challenges were my most important lessons. She showed me that determination is not just a personality trait, but a skill that can be cultivated by hard work and unwavering dedication.

As I reflect on my own life now, I see how my mother’s influence has shaped my approach to challenges. Her unwavering determination has become a part of who I am, driving me to push through obstacles and pursue my passions with resilience. I am grateful for her inspiration and influence, and I continue to carry her lessons with me as I navigate life’s journies.

🫣Who has influenced your most valued trait/s in starting your art business?