Artistic De-cluttering & Legacy Building:

At times, life feels like we are only grains of sand tossed by endless waves. The bigger picture always eluding us. But as I reflected on my creative journey, I realized that there is meaning to be found around every corner. Life may tumble us around, and we can choose to go with the flow or resist its pull and push. By surrendering to our curious voice and embracing unexpected perspectives, we can discover purpose in new places, perhaps even giving meaning to our unusual journeys.

Our first grandchild was born a few years ago, on hearing of his arrival I packed-up my suitcase and made sure to include my new iPad and an Apple pencil. Little did I know he would be the catalyst to a new creative journey.

Grand-kids can steal your heart at first sight. During that first meeting, as he rested peacefully, I found myself imagining telling him stories through art. I wanted to leave behind messages for him to discover throughout his life, so while he napped I dove into Skillshare courses and learned how to use Procreate, a digital painting app. Soon enough, I had created a special version of a poster called “Life’s a Safari” just for him. That unexpected burst of creativity ignited a passion in digital painting and illustration, and I embarked on a new artistic adventure.

As I immersed myself in this new medium, I found myself reflecting on the meaning of life and legacy. With age comes a certain introspection, and I began to imagine my family sorting through my art and deciding what to do with it. Would they cherish and display it in their homes, or would it end up discarded? I hoped they would appreciate its value, but also not become hoarders in the process.

This summer, as my husband and I retired from our family business and moved across Canada, I found myself facing the daunting task of decluttering and sorting through decades of art supplies, ephemeral trinkets, and unfinished projects. Looking back, I realized that I had explored various creative pursuits over the years, from graphic design and painting with watercolors, oils, and acrylics, to printmaking, pottery, jewelry-making, and more. The list seemed endless, and I had accumulated a vast array of materials and notebooks full of ideas.

As I pondered what to do with all this stuff, I realized that I wanted to organize and share it into an online resource. I also wanted to pass on some insights as an early adopter of digital technology in creating art. I hoped that in years to come that other aspiring artists would find it useful and that I could help them on their own creative journeys. It made sense to gather all my endeavors in one place, creating a legacy project.

So here I am, on this new creative adventure, again armed with my iPad and stylus again, ready to merge a legacy of art and hopefully some wisdom. As I continue to explore digital-painting and share my experiences with fellow creatives, I am reminded that life is truly a safari, full of surprises, challenges, and unexpected joys. And I’m excited to see where this new chapter of my creative journey takes me next. After all, as I’ve learned, there is purpose to be found around every corner, and the possibilities are endless.

Poster Life is a Safari