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Loretta digitally painting

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Digitally-painting when I travel.

artist self portrait

Artist Self Portrait

“Artists must explore the tools of their culture, in order for art history to progress. Just as Jackson Pollock tested the fluidity of the new medium of acrylic, computers and software are here to be explored and experimented with.”

About Artist Loretta Busch

Process Drives Creativity

In college I studied analogue graphic design, that included type-setting, cut/paste layout, the photo-chemical processes of photography, and painting film cell-animations. After completing my Associate in Graphic and Communicational Arts, I never stopped learning. I continued part-time studies in the Fine Arts at North Island College. But, I never completed my Bachelor of Fine Arts. I was alway too interested in immersing in a process outside the scope of a curriculum. I would wander back occasionally over the years, stopping by to explore painting, pottery and printmaking with the a new and interesting instructors.

The pursuit of texture took me into a deep-dive into printmaking. I eventually developed my own unique processes of reduction block printing, and later explored photo-polymer-etching and received a few regional awards along the way.

I am grateful for the traditional education of graphic design and fine arts. It was essential to understanding colour, form and composition. Those skills and my confidence in navigating technology has enabled me to approach digital software in unconventional ways. 

Artist Embracing Technology

The process of creating a digital-original painting is fundamental to my self-expression. The decisions and reactions to the collage elements and interactions, are instantaneous. Nothing is precious. All can be undone.  I am free and open to respond to new discoveries and to change directions as the new ideas present themselves. After four decades of traditional painting and print-making, digital-painting is the most fulfilling creative process I have found.

My abstract expressionist style merges photography, illustrations, and painting into a mixed-media montage of collaged digital art. The artwork moves and evolves as I create it. Layers are then blended, altered, cut, paste, re-coloured and then painted digitally pixel by pixel, until there is a final cohesive artwork.

“Digital-painting process invites experimentation and the pursuit of unexpected interactions and relationships. The most successful artist can transcend the hardware and software and discover unimagined alternatives.”

Art should activate the imagination or start a conversation.

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Art doesn’t have to fade into the background. It can take you on a journey. Connect you to your own stories. And yes, the bonus, it can also provide the visual anchor and focal accent of a room.

  • My style of abstraction incorporates familiar forms of landscape – botanical or still-life: floral vase. 
  • I keep the edition size small and therefore unique.
  • I prefer vertical/portrait orientation. The orientation adds to the feeling of a window looking into an alternate reality. A doorway into a new world. 

I hope you find the art is joyful welcoming and provocative.

The artwork is exceptional and the canvas print looks like a conventional painting!

~ Anthony S.