About Artist Loretta Busch

Loretta Busch digital-painting BC Canada
Loretta Busch digital-original painting on iPad Pro

A Portable Studio

“The process of creating a digital-original art is fundamental to my self-expression. The decisions and reactions to the collage elements and interactions, are instantaneous. Nothing is precious. All can be undone.  I am free and open to respond to new discoveries and to change directions as the new ideas present themselves. After four decades of traditional painting and print-making, digital-painting collage is the most fulfilling creative process I have found.”

Art Makes the World a Better Place.

I can’t imagine a world without art. Art inspires and feeds our imagination. It enhances our homes. Energizes our living and working spaces. And adds the perfect detail to a skillfully decorated home.

I was fortunate that there have never been empty walls in my childhood homes. My mother’s paintings were the first art I saw as a child. Later the walls of our small basement apartment featured my paint-by-numbers, my brother’s space photos, my hippy love art and of course a couple Partridge Family celebrity posters.  That first gallery-wall display offered the portals and gateways to our dreams. Art was a place to let our thoughts run, as we struggled with the inevitable challenges that life brought us.

Four Decades a Resourceful Creative.

In college I studied analogue graphic design, that included type-setting, cut/paste layout, the photo-chemical processes of photography, and painting film cell-animations. After completing my Associate in Graphic and Communicational Arts, I never stopped learning. I continued part-time studies in the Fine Arts at North Island College. But, I never completed my Bachelor of Fine Arts. I was always too interested in immersing in a process outside the scope of a curriculum. I would wander back occasionally over the years, stopping in to explore painting, pottery and printmaking with the most interesting of the new instructors.

The pursuit of texture took me deep into printmaking. I eventually developed my own unique processes of reduction block printing, and later explored photo-polymer-etching and received a few regional awards along the way. I am grateful for the traditional education of graphic design and fine arts. It was essential to understanding colour, form and composition. Those skills added to my confidence in navigating technology. It has enabled me to approach digital software and digital painting in unconventional ways

Modern Art Created with Modern Tools

The wall art I create uses my exclusive process of collage, combining photos and repurposed paintings, of landscape-botanicals, or still-life and florals. Abstracted and painted digitally, pixel by pixel, by hand, there are no automated computer textures. The painterly marks are handmade with my custom digital-brushes.

My abstract style is expressive incorporating familiar subjects in a modern aesthetic. Art that you will feel comfortable hanging in your living room, dining room, bedroom, kitchen or even bathroom. Wall décor that is joyful and inviting, while conveying an eclectic style, that starts a dinner conversation.

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