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Four decades of Creative Pursuits— I’m restless creative, driven by curiosity to explore and experiment. I’ve worn many hats – from a professional painter to an innovative printmaker, and from a web graphic designer to a savvy marketer. I’ve won awards for painting and was recognized for innovative printmaking techniques. I attended art fairs, built online stores, all-the-while successfully managing the family business. I’ve combined all my passions for art and business here to create a one-stop hub for artists like you to grow and expand your art businesses online.

Portfolio – Gallery A brief summary of my work from 1994 to 2022

Education & Experience

Right Brained – Left Brained — As someone who ventured into the online world in 1994, I’ve witnessed its evolution from its early days. I learned to adapt and acquired skills in DOS, HTML, Corel Draw, Adobe, and online marketing. My educational background in graphic and communicational arts, combined with years of experience in the art industry, has honed my keen eye for design and marketing strategies in both traditional and digital mediums. This foundation of knowledge and experience has allowed me to navigate the ever-changing landscape of the online world with confidence and finesse, and has honed my abilities in design and marketing strategies.


Let’s face it – building an art business online can be overwhelming my goal is to make the process simple and user-friendly for fellow artists. On my website, you’ll find a treasure trove of resources that are designed to simplify the art business creation process and get you started on the right foot.


Sharing Experience — I believe that learning and growing your art business can be fun! That’s why you’ll find my website written in a conversational, friendly, and a hint of humorous intent. I want you to feel like you’re chatting with a friend who’s been-there-done-that and is ready to share her knowledge and experience with you.

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