Thread, yarn & fibre

Day 9 of 30 days of posts, ThreadsThis quote, by Irish-born poet Laurence Sterne, I think summarizes nicely and reflects our mutual love of thread/fibre. 💗🪡🧵🧶 🤗Looking around my studio there are clusters of threads/yarns waiting to be woven. Ideas brewing plans in the works. Today I am feeling cozy in the clutter. Tomorrow it... Continue Reading →


Day 8 - 30 days of posts, Inspiration/Influence. My mother supported our little family with her skills as a seamstress and a tailor. 🧵🪡 She ran a little dress-making shop near our elementary school called La Moda. After school, we played in the back room while she fitted new dresses on clients, and made repairs... Continue Reading →

Coloured Threads

Day 7 of 30 days of posts, Colour I find I have to step back and really look when choosing the colours of yarn I will use in weaving. It’s more like pointillism in painting. Pure colours sitting side by side. Influencing each other. But it’s their value I have to be most aware of... Continue Reading →

Loopy for Loops

Day 6 - of 30 days of posts. Loops. I spotted this gorgeous novelty yarn at Woolstock East Fibre Festival 2022 in Tatamagouche Nova Scotia. It’s by Loopy Koigu Originals 96% Mohair & 4% Nylon.Finally found a warp yarn that will blend and support those loopy-loops. Its Rosewood by Rhichard, 100% merino, 2 ply, picked... Continue Reading →

Pattern – got to love it!

Day 5 - 30 days of posts, Pattern.If you want to be a weaver you have to love patterns! It’s the essence of the craft. Do you agree? Mastering and manipulating weave pattern 👩🏼‍🏫structures is one of my goals. Mind you at this stage of my experience I’m more like a two-year-old with a 🖍crayon.... Continue Reading →

Play, refresh your point of view.

Day 4, 30 Days of posts - Play 💗Taking time to walk in nature always refreshes the spirit and inspires me. Patterns, colours, and forms are gathered consciously and unconsciously in my thoughts. And we begin to see things in new ways. A patch of dry seaweeds, or a tangled colour palette to translate into... Continue Reading →

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