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Loretta Busch a brief bio.

My story, like everyone’s, begins with my mother. She was a maker. She was seamstress who at fourteen apprenticed as a tailor in Italy.   For most of my life she was a single divorced woman who worked very long days and occasionally painted landscapes, still life and religious icons on weekends. There were always an assorted sewing and painting projects underway. After school my brother and I would go to mamma’s dressmaking shop, ‘La Moda’ and do our homework in the back room. My brother and I often fell a sleep surrounded by piles of soft fabric. On the memorable summer Sundays we played on the beach building castles and eating watermelon, while mummy, with her beehive black hair brushed oils on canvas.

They called me a ‘Tom Boy,’ because dresses and dolls were rarely in my possession. I liked to chase frogs and get in the dirt. In those days, “be home by sunset,” was the norm. I built forts with my neighbourhood friend.  And we took daylong expeditions to the distant gravel pits with our brothers.  I was always on an adventure or dreaming about one. 

In my teens art and history teachers were my favourite people and drawing on notebooks a pastime.  I took-up photography and that progressed to a diploma in Communicational Arts in 1980. That was old school analogue process of graphic design, illustration, and film with actual reels. Fast forward… I met my husband a part-time photographer, we married and launched two sons.  In that busy time I also studied fine arts at the local college.  I explored painting, pottery and printmaking until the obsession emerged for the block printing.  I developed a unique textured process of printing that involved multiple layers of water-soluble ink.

Enter the late 1990’s and I started geeking-out on computers and software to help my husband with his boat building business. That led me to web design, marketing and photography again, where I began doing photo-compositing in Photoshop.  Sometime after that I combined my photo-composites with photo-polymer printing. An eco-friendly method of etching plates using light and water that I would hand print on a small press in my home studio. I have taught printmaking workshops and over the years have also received a few awards for both my handmade prints and paintings.

It is now 2020 and this is the abridged, streamlined version.  There have been ‘A LOT’ of twists, turns and distractions since the start of this creative path. Life has provided many circumstances to bend and mend, experiences that fuel the creative vision.

Thank you for stopping in.