Forget the Ducks in a Row

Before starting a new project I have always tried to get all the ducks-in-a-row. Forget that! The house is a mess, ceramic studio cluttered with assorted projects, paperwork to do. At this moment, hour, day, year, and in this decade of my life, writing is the required action. It is time to share my experiences and legacy as a maker-creator. And the rest? It will have to fall-into-place? Or not! But at least I am writing. ‘Now’ is the only time to start.


I started on computers back in the DOS years, researched the web on dial-up, hoarded and sorted information for almost three decades, does that count? Or perhaps the assortment of half-started notebooks in my study inspired by Julia Cameron’s book The Artist Way. I have a study? That’s it!

I am both the left and right brain creative. I am analyst of process an alchemist pulling from four decades of experience. I am a creative traveler (gypsy), a daughter, friend, wife, mother, grandmother, sixties-chick and crone. These are my wisdom years? I’m trying anyway.

How about that I know how to start a creative project, get through it and finish it? And understand the hick-ups in-between. I have acquired tips, tricks and how-tos. Tried numerous materials and techniques.

What have I done? See the list below… yes all of that, and raised a family, and have a day-job managing the marketing and book-keeping for our family’s boat manufacturing business. It can be done. But, it wasn’t pretty a times. And while I have been recognized for exceptional work at regional competitions, I admit I have skirted mastery for a new process.

The goal for the Creative Gypsy Blog is to offer a mentor’s voice and a resource for starting a creative project or a hang-out for giggles with a creative friend. I am deep into muddy waters of clay. Ceramics is and will be the culmination of this life’s creative adventures.

Welcome – I am grateful for your visit.

A summary of  what I have explored …

  • Graphic designer
  • Illustrator
  • Surface Pattern Design
  • Photography – Photo-compositing
  • Web design
  • Paper mache
  • Water colour painting
  • Oil painting
  • Acrylic painting
  • Block – relief printing
  • Photo-polymer etching prints
  • Screen printing
  • Lamp-working glass beads – Jewelry making, metalwork, enameling
  • Sewing, Knitting, Cooking (hobbies I still enjoy)
  • Now actively working in Ceramics, glaze chemistry, wheel-throwing, mold making and hand-building.



Stone Soup of Communications

It’s raining outside. But that, makes me happy. It’s been a warm and dry spring and visions of last year’s hazy summer still lingers in my mind.

There is another haze that is in my brain, it’s now day 6 of my website being down. The problem is that I have stirred a nest of bees. I did it. I poked the stick in. Why is it that the more I love technology (love my iPhone) the more I hate it (talking with any customer service department anywhere). In trying to simplify, I and they, have made it complicated. In trying to control, it becomes uncontrolable!

I am neck-deep in a spiral of fragmented bits of information. Have I asked too many questions?… or not enough? Or are there just too many possible realities? Am I in the wrong reality? Did I manifest this?  Too late, I am Alice and falling head first down a rabbit hole of emails and front-line middle people that add to the stone soup of communications.

Probably to many metaphors for your morning? Translation … I just want to talk to the person that pushes the button!

Happy Day to You All!


Creative Gypsy

LBpt_alteredstatesThe muses’ voices can be subtle whispers, or like the wind who’s longing for a distant shore.

They have made a home at my side; guiding every move, while arguing for my attention.

It has taken me many years to filter and nurture them, but they know me too well now. 

I am the Creative Gypsy and the willing host of their whims and reflections.

Loretta Busch

You will find some of my wanderings here ..

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