Flower Stories: A Floral Obsession

The more you look the more you see.

Who knew that small scale Flower Farming was a thing? That Florists are designing floral jewelry with fresh flowers? That you can get a subscription for weekly flower bouquets, or that there are ‘cut-your-own farms’? Over the last 10-15 years, the industry has grown around locally sourced, organically (defined as chemical-free – they can’t call them organic) grown flowers. The Slow Flower Movement is here to stay.

And don’t get me started on the flower varieties that have emerged! Or I just never noticed before? There are tulips that look like peony? Yes, I have planted a trench full. And yes, trench planting is a thing.

bulb trench planting

My first trench planting of tulips.

My Flower Book Collection has grown to 7 (listed below) in the last few months. I have ordered seed catalogs again and am anxiously waiting for the January start of the 2021 Floret Workshop.

Floret 2021 workshop logo


Lots of work, and still learning.

I have no idea where this road takes me, but I know I will have plenty of vases full of elegantly arranged flowers to photograph, paint, and design into gifts that flower gardeners will love.

My Flower Gardening Book List:

Here are the books that will take me through this winter. You will find them perfect accompanied by a cup of tea or coffee on a Sunday morning.

  • A Year in Flowers & Cut Flower Garden – Floret Farm’s – by Erin Benzakein with Julie Chai
  • also waiting for Floret’s, Discovering Dahlia, book is coming in March 2021
  • On Flowers – by Amy Merrick (read it cover to cover!)
  • Cultivated – The Elements of Floral Style – by Christin Geall
  • The Flower Workshop – by Ariella Chezar with Julia Michaels
  • The Art of Wearable Flowers – by Susan McLeary
  • Cool Flowers – by Lisa Mason Ziegler (going to need this one on the east coast)


  • Slow Flowers – by Debra Prinzing

Published by Loretta Busch

Loretta’s digital-paintings artwork is a bewitching combination of soulful colours and maximalist composition. The abstracted collaged landscape and botanical forms create a visual story that are fully exposed, but forever shifting. The images are an open invitation to travel through time and space; to enter new worlds of emerging possibilities; or to get lost in a meditative journey of colour and form. Loretta has been an award-winning painter and printmaker for over four decades. Her home studio is located on Vancouver Island, BC Canada. She draws her inspiration from the life, the rural setting she lives in, and her many years of travel.