Flower Stories: Flower Memories

Loretta Busch artist

Flowers have been a part of our lives for thousands of years. They offer a component of beauty that links our memories throughout time. Every time I experienced the scent of ‘Lily of the Valley,’ I am transported to my childhood and memories of my mother.

Here is my list:

  • The first floral scent I remember? Lily of the Valley
  • I discovered a violet along a path in Italy when I was six. I never imaged a beautiful flower could be found on a roadside.
  • The first flower I grew was for a school science project. I remember guarding a red Zinnia in a Styrofoam cup all the way home and later planting it in the garden at home.
  • I discovered a violet along a path in Italy when I was six. I never imagined a beautiful flower could be found on a roadside.
  • I entered my first photography contest with a photo of a wildflower, and I won the teen category.
  • My favorite artist in art school, Georgia O’Keefe, her point of view was a catalyst to look more closely at the world.
  • My mother and aunt were notorious flower cutting thieves, even transporting them across international borders! I have a rose bush that was started from a cutting that was acquired outside my father’s Italian country home.
  • I took a flower design night school class before my wedding so I could prepare all the bouquets myself. And so that time was on my side, I made them from silk flowers over a few months.
  • My first long-distance school field-trip was to Butchart Gardens when I was eight years old, definitely felt like a walk-in paradise.
  • The go-to motif of my 70’s jeans were always flowers!
  • I learned the names of local wildflowers from the book “Heaven from God’s Garden.” Officially where my fascination with the flower began.

What are your flower induced memories?

Published by Loretta Busch

Loretta’s digital-paintings artwork is a bewitching combination of soulful colours and maximalist composition. The abstracted collaged landscape and botanical forms create a visual story that are fully exposed, but forever shifting. The images are an open invitation to travel through time and space; to enter new worlds of emerging possibilities; or to get lost in a meditative journey of colour and form. Loretta has been an award-winning painter and printmaker for over four decades. Her home studio is located on Vancouver Island, BC Canada. She draws her inspiration from the life, the rural setting she lives in, and her many years of travel.