Flower Stories: Maritime Dreams

In the not too distant future we are moving east. To a small French speaking, seaside village in New Brunswick.

Bouctouche is where our 2nd son has nested. Contrasted by our first son now living in Cairns, Australia. You might say our future retirement lifestyle holds many winter travel plans.

Bouctouche River New Brunswick

Waiting for a sign”

The summer dreams will be to cultivate a field of flowers. To start a hobby-sized, cut-flower farm. My desire is to teach my grand-children about flower gardening, sell bouquets on the road-side stand at the end of my driveway and offer locally grown bouquets of flowers at the Saturday Markets. What better way is it to share a love of flowers and get to know a new community?

The potential hobby flower farm includes a lovely plot of land with a view of the valley and estuary. The challenges, learning French and moving to a Zone 5. But I suspect the body will enjoy the shorter growing season. And the French will keep the mind engaged.

It might seem strange to be thinking of working on a small flower farm in your retirement years. I am a little sore and tired at the end of a gardening day. But I do love to be outdoors. And I much rather pull-weeds and push a wheelbarrow, than sit in a gym lifting weight. The best part is that we can never have too many 💐flowers! I know these things because a 🐝 Bee told me.

Published by Loretta Busch

Loretta’s digital-paintings artwork is a bewitching combination of soulful colours and maximalist composition. The abstracted collaged landscape and botanical forms create a visual story that are fully exposed, but forever shifting. The images are an open invitation to travel through time and space; to enter new worlds of emerging possibilities; or to get lost in a meditative journey of colour and form. Loretta has been an award-winning painter and printmaker for over four decades. Her home studio is located on Vancouver Island, BC Canada. She draws her inspiration from the life, the rural setting she lives in, and her many years of travel.