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Flower Stories: West Coast Garden Life

Yes, it’s pretty sweet here. Zone 6. There is a lot that we can grow. I had many dreams for these 5 acres. I once attempted to start a herb farm. I ordered hundreds of lavender plants and herbs. I thought I would make teas. I had no clue.

I still find the resilient plants tucked away and hiding. The devious ones still haunt me. Between the deer, evasive plants I had introduced (morning glory hell), and too many responsibilities at the time, including my husband’s business and two small boys, I was overwhelmed and Althea’s Riches only lasted a year.

sunrise Comox Valley BC Canada

morning sunrise

But, gardening is like giving birth. From year to year, we forget the challenges enough to try again. This year, the past garden calamities, were distant memories. 2020 COVID isolation had me out in April pulling weeds. Embracing the time in the garden as if my very soul depended on it.  

In small increments, I began to uncover the long-abandoned 32ft x 32ft fenced plot. The right tools, time, and an exceptionally warm two weeks made the focus easy. At the end of the day, I was ready for a shower and bed and the sleep was deep and rich with dreams. Fresh air does a body good. And digging in the dirt the best meditation for the mind, especially in troubled times.

It was a good summer. The garden grew lush, the flowers beautiful, and with the exception of ‘daily slug races,’ and morning glory vines, it was a gratifying experience.

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