Artist Statement

loretta showing her iPad Pro art
Mountain High abstract landscape art blue purple yellow
Bring Me Flowers abstract floral bouquet and vase pink, red, purple
Canvas wall art, 18" x 24" titled Connections, Digital-painting, artist Loretta Busch, abstract landscape, forest, tree roots

Loretta Busch – Artist Statement

On the walls of my childhood homes there was always an eclectic collection of art. It included my mother’s painting, my early paint-by-numbers, my brother’s space posters and an assorted collection of hippy ‘love’ poster from my teens. And as my family tangled with the inevitable struggles of life, the art always provided us an invitation into our imagination. It never mattered what the subject was, landscape, still life, or assorted abstracts, they were all doorways into dreams for an improved tomorrow. The art on our walls hold our memories of life’s journeys and most importantly the inspiration to continue to grow, evolve and reach our dreams.

I am personally drawn to the idea of interpreting the moments of ones life in paintings. It offers future generations a holistic presence of a time and the identity of the creator and how they saw their world. 

My goal is a visual story that is open and shifting, adding to the passage of time and space. I choose abstraction because it is active and the viewer must be engaged. The blending of floral and landscape forms offer the viewer a place to begin, and wander. And it is my hope that their thoughts may be to solve the puzzle and interpret the flow of time or to spark their own memories.

The foundation of the artwork is as much an expression of the interactions of line, form and colour as well as my experiences of home and travel. The composition circles, the viewer is guided around and in and through the collage.  

My abstract expressionist style is a collection of photography, illustrations, and painting etc.. A mixed-media montage of collaged digital art. The artwork moves and evolves as I create it. Layers are then blended, altered, cut, paste, re-coloured and painted digitally pixel by pixel, until the final cohesive artwork is complete.

“The process of creating a digital-original art is fundamental to my self-expression. The decisions and reactions to the collage elements and interactions, are instantaneous. Nothing is precious. All can be undone.  I am free and open to respond to new discoveries and to change directions as the new ideas present themselves. After four decades of traditional painting and print-making, digital-painting collage is the most fulfilling creative process I have found.”

Each digital-original is painted with Procreate, with an Apple pencil on an 12.9″ iPad Pro. I have made custom digital brushes that give the finished art the illusion of delicate brush strokes, the digital-texture is visually creamy reminiscent of traditional a lean-on-lean oil painting technique.