Day 2, of 30 days of posts, Discipline/craft -- It’s 😍Weaving. I’ve done almost all 2D mediums, and after 40 years I have started to crave holding something in my hands! Handmade and embellished textiles can be so tantalizing. 😋 Perhaps it brings me closer to my ancestors. While I work there is always a... Continue Reading →

My new 🏡studio is located in a small seaside village on the beautiful Acadian coast of New Brunswick, Canada. My primary loom is a Leclerc Artisat floor loom. I’m most interested in exploring weaving with novelty 🧶yarns. On the list of ‘To Dos’ ✅ are rag-rugs, scarves, blankets & handbags. I look forward to hearing... Continue Reading →

Just Start Somewhere

You will never really know where the road leads. Just begin somewhere! A creative life for some is a clear and direct track. My journey has been a labyrinth. A collection of trails that have often converged in unexpected ways, and an array of shiny new paths that came to a full stop. I have... Continue Reading →

Creative Gypsy

Acrylic Painting - Titled "Altered States" The muses’ voices can be subtle whispers, or like the wind who’s longing for a distant shore. They have made a home at my side; guiding every move, while arguing for my attention. It has taken me many years to filter and nurture them, but they know me too... Continue Reading →

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