Right Brain Motivation for Content Creation

claymation artist character at desk

“Creative Flow: A Poetic Guide to Content Creation”

To build a presence online, you must create some art,
But don’t forget the tasks that set you apart!

First up is planning, you need a strategy,
To make your content great and earn some salary.

You’ll need to research, find topics that’ll fly,
Content that’s in demand, and make your audience say “oh my my”.

When it’s time to promote, let the artist in you shine,
Make videos, write blogs, and create graphics that are simply divine.

A note on photos and videos, make them bright and bold,
They’ll show off your art and catch the eye of young and old.

Blogging is great, to share more about your art,
Write about your process and what’s in your heart.

Crafting a story is important that’s true,
Tell us who you are and what your art can do.

Be authentic and let your uniqueness shine,
Connect with your fans in ways that are divine.

Post, tweet, share, let the world know what you’ve made,
Use social media, email, and ads, and watch your fame escalade.

Engage with your audience, build relationships that last,
Respond to comments, and make connections that’ll blast.

Newsletters are essential, they keep fans in the loop,
Send them often, and make it a fun group.

Collaborate with others, creators like you,
Guest post, shoot-outs, and cross-promote, grow a network renew.

Events are fun, host a show or a sale,
Invite fans to come, they’ll be thrilled without fail.

Don’t forget to optimize, make your content easy to find,
With SEO, tags, and keywords, your audience won’t be far behind.

Measure your success, track your growth and see,
Which content is performing well, and tweak your strategy.

Be consistent, stay motivated, and never give up,
Content creation is a journey, so fill your coffee cup.

Lastly, don’t forget, to always be you,
Your story is what makes you unique, it’s true.

So there you have it, these tasks are key,
To building your online presence, and expand your artistry.