Spring at the Lake Canvas 18 x 24 inches


Title: Spring at the Lake – canvas 18″ x 24″

Wall décor art: Colourful collage of abstract forms of landscape & florals. Merging patterns of dream-like imagery invite you in with pink, blue & chartreuses

Artist’s Inspiration: “In our front yard stood a Magnolia tree, with endless grace and indulgence she carved every spring sky.

The air was always charged with anticipation as we watched our parents pack the car. Unrestrained we climbed in and built our nest in the back seat. The trunk slammed shut securing the folding chairs, cooler, and picnic baskets. Half inflatable air mattress stuffed in, designed to speed the entry into the lake on our arrival.

By the days end we had scarlet shoulders, gritty toes, scarecrow hair, and sticky watermelon juice on our cheeks. Only the magnolia tree had maintained her elegance and poise, while she watched us being lugged sleepy-eyed into the house.”

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